R&D Team

GBW has an innovative highly-educated technical team (including 16 doctors and 80 masters). Its members, with matched specialty structure and both ability and political integrity, are making efforts to promote innovation development of the industry and enterprise at technical support center, market support center, production support center and other posts.

Partial picture

  • Dr. Zhang Tieying
  • Dr. Tian Xiangli
  • Dr. Zhang Lanwei
  • Dr. Ding Jian
  • Dr. Zhang Dawei
  • Dr. Xiao Zhizhuang
  • Dr. Zhou Lifen
  • Dr. Wang Wenbo
  • Dr. Wei Bingpei
  • Dr. Duan Hongwei
  • Dr. Wang Xitao
  • Dr. Yan Zhou
  • Dr. Wang Zheng
  • Dr. Zhang Hongling
  • Dr. Xing Lu
  • Dr. Zhou Lei
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